VersaPad HDK
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The Versapad Hardware Development Kit is the ideal solution to evaluate and understand the capabilities of the rugged VersaPad touchpad technology. It provides all the necessary components for engineers and developers to realize their designs. The Versapad touchpad sensor is a four-wire resistive touchpad. The pad is composed of two resistive layers separated by an air gap. One plate is used for the X-axis and the other is used for the Y-axis. When pressure is applied, the two resistive plates make contact. A micro-controller measures position and pressure then uses advanced, proprietary algorithms to yield smooth mouse functionality. The incorporation of proprietary FSR technology allows us to use force to provide optimized touchpad performance. VersaPad is a versatile touchpad module intended for integration by OEMs into laptops, military and rugged computers, panel PCs, and medical devices. With smoothness and sensitivity internally enhanced by true pressure measurement, it offers all customary mouse functions-- mousing, tapping, dragging, and scrolling. The module's tough, moisture and grime resistant surface can be used with a finger or stylus, even in wet or dirty environments. Plus, it operates over an extended temperature range of -20°C to +60°C.

The Hardware Development Kit includes a demo module which can be easily connected to a PC for plug and play evaluation. It also includes additional sensor modules in two difference connector configurations for engineers to integrate into their own devices using the included guidelines.

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Also available in AntiMicrobial version.
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